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Good Charlotte Icon Challenge

Based upon such communities as sg1_showdown, treepretty, and myownfun, gc1_challenge is a community for us Good Charlotte fans out there.

I post a picture every week, you make an icon from it, and post it here in the community. Then, from Saturday 'till Monday, we vote.

Pretty simple, huh? There are some more specific rules, but nothing that should be hard to abide by, I think.


1. I'll post a picture, cap, or theme every Sunday. Icons can only be made using the picture posted. Animation is okay, but it can only include what I've posted. (I'll try and include credit whenever due; if I ever forget or miss you, please just let me know and I'll fix it.)

2. No flaming, bashing, or general rudeness will be permitted. Play nice, you bastards.

3. I will tell you where to post your icon each week. And submissions are completely closed as soon as the poll goes up - no late entries, yo.
If you need somewhere to upload your icons, photobucket.com allows hotlinking and is free.

4. Icons must be to LiveJournal specs (less than/equal to 100x100 pixels, 40KB).

5. One entry per person, per week. Unless it's a double picture week, or I tell you it's okay. But trust that, for the most part, it's not.

6. Winners will be determined by the polls, and not by comments. Please don't vote for your own icon, either.

DO NOT STEAL ICONS FROM THIS COMMUNITY. If you see something you like, ask the maker of the icon in their post, and CREDIT. creditcreditcredit. I'm serious. It's courteous and the right thing to do.


If you have a suggestion for a challenge please submit it here.

moderated by zyre and fireplug.


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